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There are a lot of other features in WOW

There are a few things generally. One thing is the construction of wow classic gold of the raid. We've gone back to the choice where you are able to choose different paths. Another thing is the topics of this raid needing to do with individuals who have been. That is an interesting thing that we have not been able to research in previous raids. And I think the raid's finale hearkens back to the fight and Cataclysm with Deathwing, in which you truly fight in a very real way.

Because he is too large, too threatening, too ominous to be something that you can just punch in the face a few times and conquer. There are many dimensions to that encounter, and I love that we could explore that in various ways. So there is actually two different encounters with N'Zoth in the raid. And to strike it again, I think the art is phenomenal. Every person I've seen walk into that raid the time wow. It looks great.

A good deal of times with our guys, for all these raids, we are infiltrating their lair. We've figured out we're trying to take their base of power and where they are or whatever it's. Ny'Alotha is a different sort of theory. N'Zoth is enticing us in. He wants to show us exactly what he believes is a better future for our planet, a structure that is better to build a pattern by which we, the winners of Azeroth, should be carrying on.

It is not like a bad guy who is trying to push us out. What about that is us proving our value into. They're actually part of the strategy. To find that play out in this mind way, it's something which makes it stand out from other raids that have come before.

There are a lot of other features to buy gold classic wow in this expansion. Out of what we spoke about, will you inform me about the one new thing you are most excited about?

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